Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Caritas in Veritate

Glorious stuff, although the inability is already predictably evident to see how the justice and peace aspects compel opposition to the breeding (or non-breeding) out of the Left’s electoral base. The early Labour Party had no such difficulty. It saw exactly what was going on, and it reacted accordingly. But in this as in so many other matters, the rich cranks from the sectarian Left or the collapsing Liberal Party have carried the day.

I am sometimes told that I am not a mainstream Catholic, but an over-zealous convert. Well, I’d frankly rather not be part of the mainstream that includes a ninety-seven per cent lapsation rate before or immediately after leaving Catholic school, four-fifths support for euthanasia even among the remaining three per cent, and never, ever having heard of Catholic Social Teaching.

Officially convert or not (and a very high percentage of us is, while the rest might as well be), we will be the mainstream soon enough, and well within my lifetime. Because we will be the only stream soon enough, and well within my lifetime.

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