Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Free Ronnie Biggs

The sentences handed down to the Great Train Robbers were harsh even for the time, and only so because the whole thing had made the Police look silly. If Biggs had been convicted of murder nine years, then he would have been out by now. That fact is perfectly scandalous, but it is also undeniable. Instead of keeping an extremely ill old robber locked up, how about properly preventing, properly pursuing and properly punishing real threats to the public?


  1. I dont have a lot of sympathy for loveable Cockney gangsters. His sons outburst that his dad was not a paedophile is a bit rich....Biggs much publicised Brazilian girlfriend was a child prostitute in her childhood.
    But odd that Jack Straw deems Biggs not ill enough to be released.
    But didnt Jack Straw say Pinochet was too frail to stand trial.