Wednesday, 29 July 2009

And So It Continues

Following his well-deserved kick in the Mallochs, David Miliband has announced what we all know anyway, that talks with “the Taliban” (religiously conservative Pashtun nationalists – is there another kind?) go on all the time, just as talks with the IRA went on all the time. But the only British citizens in Afghanistan are there because of the war, albeit not all fighting on the same side. We have no abiding interest in the place. Indeed, we have no interest in the place, full stop.

The Government’s spiteful action over compensation calls for no comment beyond the words “Kevan Jones”.

Mary Riddell continues to do sterling work in The Daily Telegraph, not least rightly invoking Harry Patch against this war. How much longer are the right-wing papers going to carry on trying to defend the massive public expenditure, and the massive moral and social disruption, of this or any other war, in no better cause than to remake the world according to some blueprint drawn up in some faculty lounge on the American East Coast?

Can we have Lord Malloch-Brown as Foreign Secretary? Or possibly Mary Riddell? Actually, I quite like the idea of Shaun Woodward, with Quentin Davis moved to what remains of the Northern Ireland job, just to rub Cameron’s nose in it. Very Gordon Brown…


  1. I am of course neutral.
    But of course the West does have an interest in Aghanistan. They are actually killing thousands of our young people thru their poppy crop.
    That gives the West an "interest" so amazing with all those troopa there nobody has actually seen fit to destroy the fields.

  2. We don't fight heroin in Britain, so why bother fighting it anywhere else?