Sunday, 9 September 2007

Your Country Needs YOU

Yet more withdrawals from Iraq. Have they waited to be ordered out by our politicians? If so, why? Those who have sworn allegiance to the Queen have done so in the context of Parliament’s right to determine the succession to the Throne, and within that of the establishment of the primacy of the House of Commons, which has itself come to be elected by universal adult suffrage. Thus, they have really sworn allegiance to the People.

However, thanks to the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act, there need never now be another such election. And even if there were, there would be no real purpose to it, since the political parties are now exactly the same not just ideologically but, at the top levels, even organisationally.

Those who have sworn allegiance to the People, embodied by the Queen, should bring themselves back from the two pointless wars to which they have been sent, at least one of which is undoubtedly illegal. Instead, they should be doing their duty and attending to the removal of those who have staged a coup against the People, and thus against the Queen.


  1. Good post. How many serving members of the armed forces have written to you expressing their support?

  2. Only retired but still in close touch. For now.