Friday, 14 September 2007

Emily's List, Indeed

Following Clarissa Dickson Wright's "revelation" in last week's Spectator that Blair was known as Miranda in his youth (which youth was he in? - boom, boom!), a letter appears in this week's edition from one Cameron Lees of Stirling, intimating that Blair was known at Fettes as Emily.

You know, I really had thought that this would be one of those that remained for ever unmentioned in the mainstream media. But apparently not. I wonder why not?


  1. If he was Miranda or Emily then he won't have been in any youth. The youth will have been in him.

  2. Did you know Miranda worked at castle as a scullion? John remembers him - and vice versa.

    Miranda's father is on the SCR.

  3. I didn't know the first bit, although I can't claim to be surprised.

    I had heard the second, though. Does he ever still come in?