Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Tebbit Says Vote Brown

Anyone out there either still in the Labour Party or still planning to vote for it, you must be ecstatic about this.


  1. Didn't Tebbit die years ago.

  2. No, you're thinking of the Labour Party.

  3. Looks like the Conservative Party is dead now too.

  4. Oh, it is.

    I was going to ask how Tebbit was still in receipt of the Tory Whip in the Lords after this. But Mercer and Bercow are still in receipt of the Tory Whip in the Commons, so why not?

    It's a wonder that Brown doesn't have it. Perhaps he should apply for it, on the grounds that if Mercer, Bercow and Tebbit are allowed it, then on exactly what basis can Cameron turn him down? He should do this as publicly as possible, of course.