Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Sedgefield Byelection, Then...

See here.


  1. not standing then?

  2. Actually, I'm opening a book on which of the Blair offspring it's going to be. Place your bets.

    Seriously, the CLP there used to be chaired by a very enthusiastic John McDonnell supporter, and it probably still is. So things could yet become at lot more colourful than generally expected, especially if Brown really does appoint Tories to his Government.

  3. Surely you are going to stand David - it will be in the media spotlight - a wonderful opportunity for you to spread the word of David!!

  4. The money has yet to come through, although it certainly will...

    We're working on elections (not just one) in 2009. And we should be all right, because I really am very doubtful about a 2008 General Election: Labour is skint, and Brown has already managed to annoy the uniosn even further.

    How about Quentin Davies for Sedgefield? Admittedly, he's not as posh as Blair. But that could be his selling point.