Friday, 29 June 2007

If I Had THAT Sort Of Power....

At 6:53pm, in a comment on the post entitled All You Need Is Positivity:

Anonymous said...
I hope you're satisfied. By copying your posts here on Comment is Free and Iain Dale's Diary, you have driven Pat Hewitt from office.

Gosh! And does anyone actually call her Pat?

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  1. What an evil little man you are! Attitudes were completely different in those days. Anyway we're not talking about toddlers here, or girls who could have got pregnant.

    And yes, if the boy-lovers hadn't launched it, what sort of movement would there ever have been? None! Is that what you would have preferred? I think it is. You are scum!

    You set out to drive Hewitt from office and you succeeded. Presumably Harman is next. Can you even remember those days? Attitudes were completely different then. And the sooner they are again, the better.