Thursday, 28 June 2007

Fred Thompson Meets His Match; Will Michael Bloomberg?

Not very long ago, it was Mitt Romney who would rally conservative America to the flag of its corporate-capitalist destroyers in the Republican Party. McCain was always a bit flaky, but would have done, if all else failed. But Giuliani was a non-starter: he has the wit to see the social effects of such economics (with their warmongering geopolitics), but the lack of political sense to say so, and the lack of moral sense to celebrate both the effects and their causes.

Well, now it is Fred Thompson. Can he be beaten?

Of course he can be: step forward, Jim Webb. With a running mate and designated successor such as, say, Squire Lance (African-American grand old man of Civil Rights in Chicago, stalwart of Opus Dei), the author How We Scotch-Irish Made America could not be beaten. Nor would any right-thinking person want him to be.

And, if necessary, to hell with the Democratic Party. Indeed, although it won't happen, a contest between an Independent Webb and an Independent Bloomberg would at last reflect the real divide in America as in every Western country, and would therefore light the touchpapers across Europe, Canada and the Antipodes. We all know which side is that of the political-media class. But we also now which side is that of the People, with our rather more votes.

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  1. You just witness an entire population shove back what was shoved upon us but, you want to suggest socialism is alive and well!? Keep guessing.