Sunday, 17 June 2007

Is Arnie One Of Us After All?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's nothing if not logical combination of economic and social libertinism is about as far removed from my own political position as it is possible to be, and represents what the American Republican Party has really become, for all the pure bombast in which its other leading figures have to engage in order to keep certain religious elements from going home to the Democratic Party, whence those elements came, and where they might actualy get anything done if they ever went back.

But Schwarzenegger's recent call for Spanish-speaking immigrants to do as he, a German-speaking immigrant, did, and use English-language media, shows him in a quite different, and very much better, light. Capitalism requires unlimited immigration, neoconservatism believes in it in principle (for that among other reasons), and unyielding Spanish-speakers are in any case the Bush Dynasty's base. But Schwarzenegger seems to be made of rather superior stuff. Here's hoping that he keeps up the good work.

Incidentally, and continuing a theme on this blog, when the neoconservatives have turned the southern parts of each of the states from California to Florida into Hispanic statelets effectively forming part of Latin America in general and Mexico in particular (and that process is now very, very well-advanced), then will they campaign to make them independent, though with a view to eventual, and quite rapid, incorporation into Mexico? If not, why not? After all, they are doing exactly that in relation to Kosovo and Albania.


  1. Hey, Dave! Where did you go to school? Albanians were in Kosova since SECOND MILLENIUM B.C according to old greek sources .Exactly 2700 years before serbs came there as tenants.So, could you please reverse your comparasion,it would make good sense.Are Serbs who looking to grab Albanian lands.U.S presidents know this.So could you please remember this in the future.John.

  2. There were no "Albanians" in the second millenium BC! It hardly seems worth answering anyone either quite so deluded or quite so dishonest as that.

    And Kosovo has never, ever been in any position on which a present claim to be a sovereign state might be based (of course, the same was true of Bosnia and Herzegovina). Nor does anybody wish it to be one even now: the real aim is incorporation into Albania.

    But anyway, who cares? Western civilisation has a duty to defend itself against Islam (backed, as ever, by neoconservatism , our intellectual enemy within to match the Islamic geographical or cultural enemy without), and against heroin smugglers who wear black shirts in deferrence to their SS fathers and grandfathers (and who enjoy the same backing). Who cares how long their ancestors have been there?