Saturday, 30 June 2007

Equal Opportunities

I suggest that the three allegedly distinct political parties put out the following statement in the run-up to the next General Election:

It doesn’t matter one jot which of us wins, either nationally or in your constituency. Nothing will change, and each MP from any of us will stand an exactly equal chance of becoming a Minister, entirely regardless of the overall composition of the House of Commons. Not that many Ministers will be appointed from the elected House at all, mind you.

The only exceptions to this will be the few old stagers who have not yet signed up to The Henry Jackson Society and the Euston Manifesto. We’ve kept on a handful of these for appearances’ sake. But don’t worry, we’re going to get rid of them in time for the next Election. “Election”? Doesn’t that word sound funny now? Well, we’re certainly laughing, even if you’re not.

And remember, by that time, you’ll be paying for us through state funding, allocated on the basis of how well we do this time round, when only we are allowed to stand candidates. That last bit
is right. Isn’t it?

Well, isn’t it...?


  1. David,

    Do you know in total how many MPs are signed up to Euston / Henry Jackson?

    It's probably a lot less than you think.

  2. Officially, yes. But that's nowhere near the true figure, in either case.

    The HJS/EMG lot have already flagrantly rigged both the Tory Leadership Election and the Labour Deputy Leadership Election, and nothing at all has been done by anybody, or even said by almost anybody.

    Very few people are going to be allowed to contest the next Election who aren't signed up (officially or otherwise), and none the time after that, assuming that there is one, which, "thanks" to the dear Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act, there need not be.

    Unless, of course, we act now to give ourselves back parties that actually speak for us.