Monday, 25 June 2007

Harman Proves Her Worth

Specifically, that she doesn't have any.

I can laugh, so that's what I'm doing. Remnant Labourites reading this should weep buckets. But no one should be remotely surprised that Jon Cruddas has been denied the Deputy Leadership by this shamelessly dishonest splitting of the anti-war majority vote. After all, Harman was the candidate of the most hardline neocons in the House of Commons, Gisela Stuart and Denis MacShane. Hers was a Straussian deception of the common herd.

Furthermore, consider how the Tories - little more than an upmarket Darby and Joan Club - mysteriously managed to find over a quarter of a million people to vote in their Leadership Election, of whom more than two thirds voted for the neocon, socially super-liberal, achingly posh candidate. Who were they? Where were they? Where had they been for the previous dozen years? And where are they now? Harman's implausible vote is comparable: the whole thing stinks.

Meanwhile, to matters historical, yet very contemporary: the old Paedophile Information Exchange was hand in glove with the old Campaign for Homosexual Equality (they were practically a single organisation - same address, same committee, the works), which in turn was hand in glove with the old National Council for Civil Liberties in the Hatty and Patty days.

This is all very well-researched and well-documented; indeed, so different were attitudes within the real ruling class at the time (I mean to publicising these views, not to the views as such, which have not changed one jot) that no secret seems to have been made of these connections.

The people who have done all the relevant (painstaking) research have of course been short of a hearing in more recent years. But with Hatty's new-found eminence, they are certainly going to get a hearing now.

They're on the case, so watch this space...


  1. "But no one should be remotely surprised that Jon Cruddas has been denied the Deputy Leadership by this shamelessly dishonest splitting of the anti-war majority vote"

    Er, never heard of the Alternative Vote?

    The only way the split stopped Cruddas was in that it was Harman who got into the last two off the back of members' votes. Much as I'd have liked Cruddas to have won, without Harman putting up we'd probably have ended up with Alan Johnson.

  2. One group was hand-in-glove with another group, who were in turn hand-in-glove with a third group? Were they wearing gloves or not? Were they wearing a glove on one hand, and no glove on the other? Why? Is it some kind of weird homosexual secret sign?

  3. Are you suggesting that David would know about secret wierd homosexual practices? How would he hold his head up in church every sunday with knowledge like that?

  4. We're trying to get the most significant book on the NCCL-CHE-PIE Axis updated and back into print. This time, it will make quite an impact.

    Meanwhile, the Guardian has deleted purely factual comments of mine about this from Comment Is Free. Funny, that...

  5. Who is this "we" you keep referring to David?

  6. No David - only you can 'see' them ..there is medication available you know for your delusions/hallucinations. The nice doctor can prescribe you some - you only have to ask. Noone would blame you David - its those nasty dopamine receptors working overtime!