Wednesday, 27 June 2007

More To Come

Another Tory defection to Labour tomorrow or Friday, according to the jungle drums. Speculation is futile, but whoever this person is, how will the Blair-turned-Brown cheerleaders react if he or she is imposed on a safe seat (practically certain, as also with Quentin Davies) and/or given a Ministerial position (highly likely, based on what's doing the rounds)? Won't you be just a little bit put out? Go on, you can admit it to me.

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  1. Quentin Davies? I admit I was surprised but he never said anything that I empathised with. That's it.

    The speculation is John Bercow will cross the floor. That would disappoint me. Why? Check the name. If you are raised in a Socialist country (but not always: in case you do not know the only party which has ever gained over 50% in an election in Scotland is the Conservatives) Also, he has gone through a change over recent years (think of it as politically maturing) and started to think more deeply about things outwith the UK i.e. one nation conservatism can be applied elsewhere. So, why the disappointment? He has always come across to me as a decent person. That word - decent. He has had the balls to stand up in the commons and state his views and he has resigned on principle (I may be wrong on that one, he may have been pushed but, frankly, I can't be bothered with the homework!) and continued his progress. He has always struck me as someone not scared to be opinionated and equally not be scared by the whips etc. If I am wrong, give me chapter & verse (that's what I love about this net thing) otherwise I expect him to be in the same place next Monday.

    However, after the crap that's been put round the web today I would have no problem arguing the contrary.