Friday, 18 May 2007

Who She?

Last night's Question Time featured one Clemency Burton-Hill, a very young and very posh lady who is apparently an "actress and columnist". Was I alone in never having heard of her, never having seen her in anything, and never having read anything by her? She had some good points to make, but the same could be said of a lot of people. They, however, do not appear in David Dimbleby's high society address book.


  1. Clemency Burton-Hill
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    Clemency Burton-Hill
    Birth name Clemency Burton-Hill
    Born 1981
    Flag of United Kingdom London
    Other name(s) Clemmie Burton-Hill
    Notable roles Sophie Montgomery in Party Animals

    Clemency Burton-Hill (born 1981 in London), is an English violinist, journalist and actress, the daughter of broadcaster Humphrey Burton and Gillian Hawser, a casting agent[1]

    Burton-Hill attended Westminster School, and went on to read English at Magdalene College, Cambridge, gaining a double first. She holds a Kennedy Scholarship in politics and government at Harvard University.

    Since university, Burton-Hill has combined a career spanning acting, writing and music — and occasional model. She is a contributor to The Spectator and contributing editor of a new magazine called The Liberal, and has written occasionally for The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. Burton-Hill co-founded the Aurora Orchestra, is a trustee of the Choir of London and is a member of its orchestra.

    In 2007 Burton-Hill starred as a journalist in Party Animals, BBC 2's drama set in the Palace of Westminster.

    On 1 April 2007 she was a guest on the BBC Radio 3 interview programme, Private Passions.[2] She also appeared on Question Time on BBC One on 17 May.

  2. You shouldn't have to look up QT pannellists on Wikipedia though, should you? And even this entry doesn't excatly distinguish her enough to warrant such an invitation. Give her a few years, by all means. But not just yet, surely?