Friday, 18 May 2007

Hatty and Patty

With Harriet Harman trying to become Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (on no basis except her involuntary chromosomal arrangements), and with Patricia Hewitt clinging on for dear life to her position as Health Secretary (with, among so much else, overall responsibility for every social worker in England), isn't it time that someone revisited the links that this pair, under the aegis of the old National Council for Civil Liberties, used to have with the old Paedophile Information Exchange?


  1. The NCCL, in the Hatty and Patty days, was certainly a strong supporter of the old Campaign for Homosexual Equality when it, in turn, was largely run by the same people who were running the PIE, and indeed was issuing very strong defences of the PIE accordingly. I have people on this case: I'll get back to you.