Thursday, 10 May 2007

Where Does Auntie Find These Nieces (Of Both Sexes)?

If you thought that Martha Kearney was bad on The World At One, then don't take your eye off the rising Emily Maitliss, who presented last night's HARDTalk Special on BBC News 24.

Tony Benn and Norman Tebbit wanted to talk about politics. But Maitliss, being a BBC political correspondent, had no interest in such matters, and only wanted to talk about Tony-Hates-Gordon gossip. She repeatedly asked Benn about Gordon Brown's "style", and when he repeatedly tried to steer the conversation towards policy instead, she seemed genuinely close to tears. Then she nearly exploded with rage when Tebbit pointed out that the opinion polls were unreliable (which they are).

Expect a lot more of this.

But we have only ourselves to blame. We could create new political movements, based on clear principles expressed as specific policies. I am doing my bit towards that end. Are you?

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