Thursday, 24 May 2007

Bloody, Hot and Lethal

Yesterday, Patrick Mercer rejoiced to inform a debate in Westminster Hall that the activities of Iran were making conditions for British servicepersons in Iraq and Afghanistan "bloody, hot and lethal". Well, I hate to break the news to Colonel Mercer, but those conditions were "bloody, hot and lethal" anyway. Which is indeed because of foreign interference in Afghan and Iraqi affairs. That interference, however, is not from Iran.

Has anyone made the slightest investigation into claims that Iran is involved in Iraq or Afghanistan? It is at least possible to see whom the Iranians might be arming in Iraq. But in Afghanistan? Who, exactly? And why, exactly? This is not the first time that the War Party has been unable to distinguish Sunnism from Shi'ism, there being Shi'ites in parts of Afghanistan, but the country as a whole being heavily Sunni, and the Taliban being fanatically so, with a history of persecuting the Iranians' Shi'ite brethren.

We all remember the lies that took us into Iraq, and most of us didn't believe them even at the time. But can anyone remember, without looking it up, why we ever went into Afghanistan in the first place? And what on earth would actually constitute victory, or defeat, either there or in Iraq?

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  1. You are quite right of course, Patrick Mercer did rejoice to spin his tale of death and gloom, and with a finger not unlike that of the grim reaper he pointed to Iran and in his heart wished upon them bloody, hot and so lethal destruction. How dare they give weapons to fight an invading Army? Have they not witness the death of 70,540 innocent Iraqi civilians at the hands of British and American forces and do they not tremble at the thought and knowledge that they are likely next on the hit list of Middle Eastern invasion?

    Perhaps they fail to understand that we in the West are allowed to kill their children by the ten’s of thousands, allowed to set up torture camps, allowed to use pre-emptive air strikes that kill entire Iraqi families. WE are also allowed to use internationally prohibited weapons and pollute their soil and water with depleted uranium and other lethal substances. Do they not fear us? Between the war and the blockade for 12 years we have killed more than a million Iraqi children how dare they give weapons to kill our soldiers and destroy our battle tanks?

    Well, if Patrick Mercer gets his way we will do the same to Iran and they will come to understand who the Nazi's are now.

    But then violence always begets violence and if we kill by the millions should we not expect to die by the thousands?

    What has happened to our sense of right and wrong that we all stand idly by and watch other human beings die from our weaponry which should only ever be used in defence of our freedom and never in conquest? Our troubles have been caused by the bloody warmongering politicians like Mercer and Tony Blair and will it all end with Armageddon?