Monday, 21 May 2007

It's Not Often That I Agree With Margaret Hodge

Really, it isn't. In fact, I'm not sure that I have ever done so before. But of course British Citizens should be given priority in social housing provision. And of course so should the people who've been on the waiting list the longest (as normally happens anyway), most likely to have lived in the area for many years, and very likely to have grown up there. Why are we even discussing this?

Is this an old-Marxist-turned-Blairite (there are enough of them about) finally joining the Labour Movement, just in time for its reconstitution as a political force once the so-called Labour Party finally collapses, as, demographically, it will certainly do within the next 10 years at most?

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  1. Do you actually believe Margaret Hodge's underlying premise? Asylum seekers are separate and most the houses used to house those with live claims and appeals are NOT from social housing providers. Where they are they are from hard to let stock in Councils with a surplus.

    But other non British citizens DON"T have any priority. That's a myth and Mad Margaret should know better. If they get a place "early", as far as I can see, it's usually because they accept hard to let houses and flats that British Citizens refuse!

    Gast arbeiters from Central Europe certainly have no priority either.

    Margaret Hodge is MP for Barking ... say no more.