Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Bad, But Not All That Bad?

Perhaps Sarkozy, though bad, is not all that bad? After all, he is not opposed to protectionism, but he is opposed to hedge funds and to speculative capitalism, and (unlike those Islamisers of Europe, the neocons, generally) he is opposed to Turkish accession to the EU.

Apparently, Sarkozy sees himself as the new de Gaulle. Well, then, here's hoping that he turns out, after all, to be a good conservative dirigiste, in opposition to the capitalist corrosion of everything that conservatives exist in order to conserve, and that, inseparably therefrom, he treats both halfs of the neocon-Islamic alliance just as the General treated all four of German occupation, Soviet infiltration, American domination, and the unbalancing of the old Common Market by British accession. After all, de Gaulle was right on all those counts.

Sarkozy is young enough to want a second term, for which he will need the votes of those Gaullists whom he hoodwinked into voting for him this time. But by then, of course, he will have a Presidential record on which to be judged.

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