Thursday, 24 May 2007


Control Orders manifestly do not work. So here's thought: why not charge people with specific criminal offences, and then put them on trial? If you can't find anything with which to charge them, or if they end up being acquitted, then leave them alone.

To no one's surprise, 90-day detention without charge (not trial, charge) is back on the agenda. Any excuse.

Meanwhile, capitalism continues to demand and receive unlimited immigration, supposedly Socialist forces continue to cheer this on, the once-and-future Caliphate of Turkey remains in NATO and prepares to enter the EU, the Wahhabi-led dismemberment of Yugoslavia approaches its bitter end (or is it?), we have overthrown one of the Arab world's two main bulwarks (in Iraq) against Wahhabism and against the culturally similar expression of Shi'ism, we are threatening to overthrow the other such bulwark (in Syria), and we carry on backing Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Chechens.

It is time to wake up to the real threats, the ones that actually exist.



  2. Further to somthing on your blog, I have had quite enough grief from people whom I shall not name, and who sometimes do not even name themselves, about how claiming only the national average wage for full-time work, rather than a full MP's salary, would be all that I deserved anyway, and all that people who shared my views deserved anyway from "their" MP.

    Well, I would actually be my constituents' MP, plain and simple. And I am now on record as believing that no EU law should have effect in the UK unless or until it has gone through exactly the same parliamentary process as if it were a Bill which had originated in our own Parliament. This would require Parliament to sit properly, as has not happened for many a long year, precisely because of the EU.

    So let me make it clear that I would now indeed claim a full salary, because my constituents would be worth as much as anyone else's, and because I believe that MPs should be made to work proper hours.

    Are you aware that the BNP has undertaken in writing to contest thsi seat against me but not against anyone else, at least implicitly including the sitting MP (Hilary Armstrong)? For that and much more information, feel free to email