Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fake and Real Threats

The widow of Mohammed Siddique Khan has been noisily arrested, and is apparently to be subjected to a mind-boggling identity parade of women in full Islamic dress. But believe the hype when she is at least charged, or preferably convicted, never mind convicted of anything remotely connected with terrorism. Based on past form, there is little chance of the first outcome, less of the second, and as good as none of the third.

But yet further theft of our liberties is no doubt being planned on the back of all of this. And, in the meantime, capitalism continues to demand and receive unlimited immigration, supposedly Socialist forces continue to cheer this on, the once-and-future Caliphate of Turkey remains in NATO and prepares to enter the EU, the Wahhabi-led dismemberment of Yugoslavia approaches its bitter end (or is it?), and we carry on backing Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Chechens.

It is time to wake up to the real threats, the ones that actually exist.

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