Sunday 28 April 2024

Jamie Driscoll: We Can Win This Thing

If Kim McGuinness won by fewer votes than the Greens had taken, then it would never be forgiven, nor should it be. And who are these people? Other than those whose entire professional and social lives were the right-wing Labour machine, then have you ever met anyone who said that they were voting for McGuinness?

No polling for this election has been published until the last Saturday of the campaign had been and gone while most of the postal votes were already in. But Jamie Driscoll is still neck and neck. While the case for Jamie is the case for Jamie, McGuinness is a racist and, not unconnectedly, a failed and discredited Police and Crime Commissioner. She has not sought re-election, on the arrogant assumption that she had the Mayoralty in the bag. The explosion in knife crime on her watch is a matter of life and death. She is that bad.

As a disabled person, I am excited beyond words at the possibility of Jamie’s Total Transport Network, but as a mixed-race person, I am terrified beyond words at the prospect of McGuinness, since she or one of her supporters might mistake me, or anyone else who was not a pureblood Northern European, for a “Gypsy”.

It is Jamie Driscoll who deserves to be elected Mayor of the North East Mayoral Combined Authority, with a population larger than that of 13 European territories that the United Kingdom recognised as sovereign states. If any of those fell under the rule of someone like McGuinness, then there would rightly be international uproar.