Thursday 25 April 2024

With One Voice, Our Voice

The credibility of Ash Regan, of Alba, and thus of Alex Salmond, now depends on Regan's vote to bring down Humza Yousaf. This is where getting into bed with the Greens ends up. They are affronted that, insofar as it is true, Yousaf might have given priority to the views of members of his own party over those of a junior coalition partner. They keep Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in power. They provide the war-crazy Foreign Minister of Germany. And in the forthcoming First Past the Post election, they are fielding a candidate against Jamie Driscoll.

That is Jamie Driscoll of the Total Transport Network. The rail operators are largely owned by foreign states that overcharge here in order to keep prices low at home. Yet Labour offers only a hedged about scheme perhaps to renationalise them a little bit, but even then not really. Forget that. Come along to this.


  1. So much for Jamie as a woke EU-lover. The RMT back him, the Greens don't.

    1. And the Workers Party is actively supporting him.

  2. The Green vote was bigger than Richard Holden's majority over Laura Pidcock.