Friday 22 September 2023

Teenage Dreams, So Hard To Beat?

Hours short of turning 46, I have completed my Sex Education, although there will be a pretty fierce critique of these things in the next few weeks, when I get round to it. It may touch on how The Inbetweeners could not have been made in the Corbyn years, when teenagers would have revolted at its class-based premise, but it could be again now, and that is not progress.

While you wait, then prepare yourselves for the last ever Hollyoaks in the 6:30 slot on Channel 4. It moves online from next week. I had not seen it in decades until April to July 2021 (nor have I seen it since, come to that), when I casually mentioned that I had watched the first ever episode, and a nice-guy-for-a-heroin-trafficker exclaimed in disbelief, "How old are you?"