Saturday 30 September 2023

Conspicuous Consumption?

I am profoundly unconvinced that the Glasgow consumption room is legal, and I am profoundly convinced that it ought not to be. I still have plenty of points of the most pronounced disagreement with Russell Brand. But it has now been two weeks, and he has not been arrested. There is a Police investigation, but it is not into the claims that have been made against him by one, and in short order both, of the state broadcasters and by the nearest thing to a stable of state newspapers. Those anonymised, voiced up women do not exist. Prove me wrong.

Ah, yes, newspapers. To acquire one of those, and especially one of what are still known as the broadsheets, indeed the only one that can still accurately be so called, then you have to be prepared to sacrifice a mere commercial television station with as many viewers now as that newspaper had readers when it last published its circulation figures, three years ago, before that station existed. Likewise, while MailOnline is an international behemoth, it will sack a columnist without a second thought if its proprietor, though already a 4th Viscount, fancied buying His Majesty's Daily Telegraph. Welcome to the British class system.

It is universally expected that on 9th October, in Philadelphia, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is going to declare his Independent candidacy for President of the United States. That will give Brand a direct line to the heart of the most significant populist insurrection in American politics since Donald Trump, who cannot be an insurgent when he has already been President. Brand knows that, so what does he care what they say about him in or on the legacy media of some distant colony?