Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Tariffic Realisation

The same product, via the same wires or pipes: how can it possibly cost different amounts from different companies?

It can't. Of course it can't.

If people realised that, though, then they might ask why the utilities were delivered by cartels of pretend-competitors, instead of being where they belonged, in public ownership.

And that would never do.

Oh, no. That would never do at all.


  1. Given I've just been able to reduce my bill by switching from one electricity company to another I can't say I'm unhappy with the current setup, especially if the alternative is no choice.

  2. But that is the point. Reduce the price of the same product coming through the same wires. It should have been at the lower price in the first place, then. This is a scam.

  3. But if a monopolist is controlling the wires, what's to stop them setting the price higher than the lower price that I paid? Without a competitor, how would we know what the lowest possible price is?

  4. I am not talking about a private monopoly.

  5. A Government monopoly presents the same problem.

    Without competition, prices go up and inefficiencies set in.

  6. "It MUST be true! It MUST be true!"

    It's not, though. It's not.

    "Didn't fail, never tied! Didn't fail, never tried!"

    Tried. And failed.

  7. Tried and failed?

    Publicly- owned RBS deliberately kills small businesses to harvest their assets and refuses to lend.

    While losing the entire amount of money it got from the taxpayer.

    Yet in the US, all the banks have paid of their debt to the taxpayer and are now profitable and lending widely again.

    Because in the US they're all back in private hands-unlike RBS.

    Case closed, as they say.

  8. And that (even if it were true) would have anything to do with energy provision how, exactly?