Monday, 24 February 2014

Quam Bonum in Unum Habitare

Good luck to Chelsea Independents.

But this is what the local Labour Party ought to be doing. Especially at the General Election.

An unwinnable seat? Why? If the local Conservative Party is so heavily favouring people who do not even really live there, and who might not be eligible to vote even if they did, then the seat is eminently winnable.

With enough effort. And the right candidate.


  1. Why has Joe Elliott booted you out of Collingwood?

  2. Eh?

    Type in my surname here, ands ee the first result that comes up -

    You'll have to do a lot better than that.

    On topic, please.

  3. Oh, and if this is what you are going on about, he endorsed my book setting out the facts of the Harman case. Old news to my readers.

    If anyone has booted me out of anything over that, then it is Damian Thompson. As yourself why.

    No, on topic, please.

  4. You are on the University Directory and have a staff card as a member of a college's staff whether the mere Principal likes it or not, it seems. I don't know why you are so opposed to the centralisation programme, it means your mates will have your back against here today gone tomorrow Heads of House even more than they have now.

  5. No more off-topic comments will be put up.