Tuesday 29 August 2006

Tribute Sites

I am aware of the following tribute sites:




Are there any more?

Meanwhile, my own other blog is http://davidaslindsay.livejournal.com


  1. Sounds as if I'm not the only one, Voice of Reason. Actually, I've only just seen this, and wouldn't claim to endorse every word, even if it is terribly flattering (embarrassingly so, in fact). Where did you see it? Just here, or anywhere else? Very many thanks.

  2. Oh, to have that much time on my hands! Or perhaps not, now that I think about it.

    You still haven't actually answered any points, here or anywhere else?

    I haven't drunk gin for months, but I do normally go back to it once the Pimm's season is over. Which is about now, in fact. Your round, is it?

  3. Voice of Reason, why do you claim both on http://davidlindsaywatch.blogspot.com and on http://socialists-against-lindsay.blogspot.com that you have only ever seen the David Lindsay for Prime Minister blog here, when you comment about it not only here, but also on both of those other blogs? You are clearly lying. But why? To what end? And in whose interest?

    Oh, and based on the emails that I have received from all over the world, including from some very well-placed people both in London and in this locality, you are in a minority of one if you think that I am writing any blog other than http://davidaslindsay.blogspot.com and http://davidaslindsay.livejournal.com. I can say no more than that at this stage.

  4. Oh, and on http://david-lindsay-for-prime-minister.blogpsot.com. Cleraly, you DO spend your time searching the Net for blogs about me. Why?

  5. If you only knew who these people were...

    I'll take no lessons on normality from someone who appears to maintain a Blogger account purely in order to post on blogs by or about me. Voice of Reason? Voice of Something, all right!

  6. Well, this amused me, anyway: if you Google for "hilary armstrong neil fleming uk", the David Lindsay Watch blog is now the first thing that comes up.

  7. Now that's an interesting question (although I should point out that it was someone else who alerted me to the Hilary and Neil Google situation - I've since checked it, as we freelances do have the time to do even though we certainly don't have the time to maintain half a dozen blogs, and it is perfectly true). Anyway, I myself have been giving an alternative seat some thought, if needs must.

    Assuming that some other things come through in the next few weeks, I'd probably stand wherever I'd received the most promises to sign my nomination papers.

    You'll see soon enough what that means (with any luck), although I have to say that working politically across eight countries on three continents, even if only online, is going to require a hell of a pay off to have been all worthwhile. So here's hoping.

    I see that you do not (because you cannot) deny that you only have a Blogger account in order to contribute to blogs by or about me. Nor do you answer any other political point made on any of those blogs.

    Instead, you merely parrot the Andy Cap poverty of ambition, and scorn for anyone who has any. Those attitudes do immense damage to the North East, and arguably to County Durham in particular. They are beneath you: why do you act out such a ridiculous stereotype? Honestly, why?