Tuesday 29 August 2006

Britain's Three New Classes

Today’s mass immigration is nothing less than the importation of a new working class. Their English is limited to commands. They can be deported. And having no emotional attachment to any part of this country, they can be moved around at will.

Meanwhile, the new middle class is made up of people employed at public expense to do as little as possible. If anything, they watch other people working as doctors and nurses, as teachers and lecturers, collecting taxes and paying out benefits. These are jobs at which they themselves have very often failed.

But, as state employees, even this new middle class is subject to the new ruling class of party-political apparatchiki and their media associates. These are adept at presenting themselves as “Middle England”, as “regular guys”. They are not. Nor are they the winners of any sort of open competition. And nor are they a democratising force.

But they accrue to themselves all cultural and political power by pretending that they started out ordinary and have simply worked very hard to get where they are. It is insisted that anyone might do this. Therefore, to have failed to enter this closed circle is presented as a personal moral failure.

Thus, the old working class, the old middle class and the old upper class are considered offensive in their very existence. So our new rulers have replaced the old working class by importing a new and utterly compliant one. They have replaced the old middle class with hired help. And they have replaced the old upper class with themselves.

The old classes were networks for mutual support, social responsibility, and civility. But no political party is now remotely interested in any of them. So they can just be replaced in this way, leaving us an ever-more selfish, irresponsible and uncivil society.

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