Tuesday, 30 June 2020


You ask why I did not think to ask the Great Man to contest Chester-le-Street West Central in 2017, at the height of the Teaching Assistants' campaign, and when I was in some of kind of contact with him at least once every day. Ah, the band before Yoko Pidcock.

I kick myself that I never did. But he was tied up with the Manchester Gorton by-election that never was, rolled up as it ended up being in the General Election of that year. And if anything he would pack an even harder punch by exorcising the Great Satan next year than he would have done four years earlier.


  1. He has met you once and spoken to you on Twitter. 'that is about the extent of it'.

    1. Don't believe everything that you read in the papers. Least of all papers that have themselves published my round-robin letters with his name on them. Do they even read themselves?