Friday, 8 February 2019

Why Aren't People Going Caracas?

In Afghanistan, you have taken 17 years to find your way round to an inevitable and abject surrender.

You lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You were not merely mistaken. You lied. The result has been the so-called Islamic State.

And in Libya, you have unleashed the hounds of hell, which among other things have brought back slave markets while treating us all to the Mediterranean migrant crisis.

So no, we do not believe you about Venezuela. We know that you are lying. We know it, because we know you. We know that everything you say is a pack of lies. It always has been, and it always will be.

Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it.

It has become a local commonplace that I am on 30-30-30 with Labour and the Conservatives here at North West Durham, so that any one of us could be the First Past the Post.

I will stand for this seat, if I can raise the £10,000 necessary to mount a serious campaign. Please email Very many thanks.