Sunday, 24 February 2019

Have The Decency

As well as saying what we all knew that he would say about the Independent Group, and as well as hitting the nail on the head about Shamima Begum and politicians who take away people’s citizenship, Peter Hitchens writes: 

Lord Matthews, the judge presiding over the horrible trial of the killer of six-year-old Alesha MacPhail, says he has ‘no idea’ why the culprit, Aaron Campbell, 16, committed ‘some of the most wicked and evil crimes this court has ever heard of in decades of dealing with depravity’. 

The little girl’s body was discovered with 117 injuries, so dreadful they even shocked an experienced pathologist. 

Well, I have an idea. I did what I always do when I hear of violent crimes which are both brutal and inexplicable. 

As soon as I heard the appalling details of this case, which took place on the peaceful Isle of Bute, I searched for the word ‘cannabis’ in the trial records. 

And immediately, as usual, I found that the accused was known to be a regular user of this drug.

It really is time to blast aside the PR spin which claims that marijuana is a ‘soft’, safe drug or even an actual medicine. It is nothing of the kind. Users all too often become mentally ill. 

And they are all too often found – as in the Alesha MacPhail case – to be the perpetrators of terrible, violent crime. At the very least, this link must be investigated. 

The campaign to legalise marijuana, under these circumstances, is quite extraordinarily irresponsible and stupid. These involved should have the decency to drop it, now.

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