Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Mother Of All Windups

I have played the same trick myself in my time. George Galloway is winding you up. 

He knows pefectly well, just as I did, that he is never going to be let back into the Labour Party. And he knows perfectly well, just as I did, that he is better off out of it. 

But there is a world elsewhere. If there is one word of this with which he disagrees, then I should be fascinated to know which word it was.


  1. As more defectors are set to follow, Alastair Heath writes in the Daily Telegraph (Will any political party survive the Second Act of Brexit?).

    “”It is often said that parties should be broad churches but that isn’t quite right. For representative democracy to have any chance of working, parties need to embody some distinctive, relevant ideology or interest.
    There was a time when a system in which one party was committed to free markets, the other to socialism and the smaller third to a mixture of the two, a few other causes and hoovering up protest votes, made sense. No longer. We now need a pro and anti-Brexit party, for a start.

    Logically, we would end up with four groupings: a pro-capitalist, libertarian Eurosceptic party, an economically Left-wing but socially conservative Eurosceptic party, a pro-EU social democratic party and a neo-communist party.

    We may never get that far, but Brexit’s second act is finally starting: the only question is the speed and the depth of the realignment.

    The dramatic defections of the past few days are just the start.

    1. If I had had a pound for every time that I had heard that one over the last 25 years, then I would have £37:46, and I would be glad of it. The two largest parties in the House of Commons, by far, are always going to be the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, with the Leader of one or the other as Prime Minister. It is has nothing to do with ideology. That is just Britain. That is just the way that it is. It is now impossible for either main party to win an overall majority on its own, but that has nothing to do with Brexit.