Thursday, 21 February 2019

Guilt Edged

Like every member of the Independent Group, it was the British Government that supported IS in Syria. It has never quite given up doing so. 

It was Jeremy Corbyn who opposed that. 

The people who went from Britain to Syria to fight against IS called on their supporters at home to vote for Corbyn.

Bring Shamina Begum home. Put her on trial, if there is a case. But do not let the rest of them get away with it, either.

And she is coming back, anyway. Sajid Javid stands no chance of winning this in court. Absolutely none.

He just hopes that he will have won the Conservative Party Leadership, and be Prime Minister, before the Supreme Court rules against him.


  1. After Anna Soubry tearfully told us “we’ve lost the battle for the Conservatives to the ERG”, Dominic Grieve and Justine Greening say they too will resign the whip over the right wing takeover of the party. Our purple purge is just beginning, ladies and gents.

    The realignment Peter Hitchens said was badly needed 12 years ago is coming at last.

    1. They haven't said that at all. And all that this whole business does is to define Theresa May as beyond the Outer Right, in the way that Jeremy Corbyn has been defined as beyond the Outer Left. Never mind anyone to the left of Corbyn. And never mind anyone to the right of May.

      Labour is glad to see the Independent Group go, and it is acting accordingly. But the Conservatives are mortified to see the Independent Group go, and they are acting accordingly. Each will continue in its present vein. Corbynites will replace the Labour defectors. But the new Conservative candidates will be to the lefty of May.

      On topic, please.