Friday, 22 February 2019

Still Right

Ian Austin, eh? He split the stamp duty on his second home in London into two payments, so that he could claim it back as parliamentary expenses in two different financial years, thereby staying below the annual limit. 

But if the Labour Party is to be led from the Left, as so many of us in the wider Labour Movement earnestly desire, and as the Labour Party membership is certain to ensure for many years to come, then the Deputy Leadership needs to be held by the traditional Right, redefined in historically accurate terms as the only right wing of the Labour Party.

Tom Watson was elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party at the same time and by the same people as elected Jeremy Corbyn to the Leadership. If the Left, as such, had a Deputy Leadership candidate, then it was Angela Eagle. 

In choosing instead the traditional Right made flesh, then those who at the same time gave a landslide victory to Corbyn knew exactly what they were doing. They were right then, and they are still right now. Corbyn, Watson, and their respective supporters all need to bear this in mind, and act accordingly.

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