Friday, 22 February 2019

Whig Tories

As a comment on an earlier post puts it, "Michael Fabricant [in the Daily Telegraph, please note] expresses the mainstream Tory mood of affronted indignation at the suggestion that they are right-wing. They'll have to be left of this to avoid proving the splitters right. This is starting to look like deliberate triangulation."


  1. Who is Michael Fabricant?

    As for your suggestion that the Tory Party isn’t “rightwing” well done for waking up to what Peter Hitchens has only been saying for the last 15 years (and the reason he has long called for it to split and he replaced).

    That split is now coming, catalysed by Brexit.

    It’s long overdue.

    1. Peter Hitchens will make short shrift of all of this tomorrow. Probably, "The split should have come from the Right." But no. It is Theresa May who has been declared so far to the right that she is off the chart, as Jeremy Corbyn has been declared so far to the left that he is off the chart. And whereas his party is proud of it, hers is stung to the heart, and has resolved in the mighty Mail to mend its ways.