Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Spoils of War

Even now, the British Government cannot bring itself to say that, on balance, it is at least relieved that the other side has beaten the so-called Islamic State in Syria. Shamima Begum went to fight for the side that the British Government was supporting. That support was wrong, although you had to have been Jeremy Corbyn to have said so at the time. But it was very fierce.

And it has never quite been given up. It cannot be, because of our foreign policy elite's dependence on Saudi Arabia, which is the obvious paymaster of the Independent Group, a fact that is proclaimed publicly by the presence of Mike Gapes.

So instead, we have the show of strength that is the revocation of the citizenship of a clearly not very bright teenager who has just given birth, and who will be coming back to Britain anyway, as a Commonwealth national with a British child.

This is eerily reminiscent of the way in which the nation thinks that is taking revenge on Tony Blair and, to an extent, on David Cameron by forcing returnees from the wars to sleep on the streets because staunchly Conservative businesses will not employ them, because staunchly Conservative landlords will not let to them, and because staunchly Conservative councils, or very right-wing Labour ones, will not do either.

Remember that, when you see those former Armed Forces personnel on the streets. The people who will give them neither work nor accommodation are many things. But they are certainly not members of Momentum.

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