Saturday, 23 February 2019

Worth Listening To

If you believe the BBC and Sky News about Venezuela, where Richard Branson is tellingly sniffing around, then you presumably believed them about Iraq.

Wait for what the people who have been right have to say about Venezuela.

Right about Kosovo, which is now a nightmare statelet of heroin, prostitution, and the illegal firearms that are flooding the streets about Britain.

Right about Sierra Leone, where at best our intervention did not make anything any better.

Right about Afghanistan, where we are in the process of surrendering, so that all those years have been for nothing.

Right about Iraq, where, among other things, we created the so-called Islamic State.

Right about Libya, where our intervention has brought back slave markets while creating the Mediterranean migrant crisis.

Right about Syria, where the side that we had wanted to bomb has defeated the side that Shamima Begum went off to join while we were backing it, something that we have never quite stopped doing.

And right about Ukraine, where the Swastika-waving, Bandera-worshipping regime has just written NATO and EU membership into the Constitution, thereby creating yet another reason for us to get the hell out of both of them.

Find the people who have been right about all of those things. Such people do exist, if you can be bothered to look for them. And then listen to what they have to say about Venezuela.


  1. You need pictures. Linking to this site from Facebook looks rubbish.