Saturday, 23 February 2019


British politics is not going to realign, anyway, because it is not like that. By the way, the electoral system is an effect, and not a cause, of what it is like. It would be like that under any electoral system.

But even if there were to be a realignment, then it would not be around Brexit, because Brexit has nothing to do with how anyone votes. 

Peter Hitchens will make short shrift of all of this tomorrow. His line will probably be, "The Tory split should have come from the Right."

But no. It is Theresa May who has been declared so far to the right that she is off the chart, as Jeremy Corbyn has been declared so far to the left that he is off the chart. 

And whereas his party is proud of it, hers is stung to the heart, and has resolved in the mighty Mail to mend its ways.

Now watch it do precisely that, and purge the dangerous right-wing extremism of Theresa May.

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