Saturday, 2 February 2019

Under The Hats Are The Heads

The Covington Boys were young men (and that is what they would be called if they were needed to fight a war) whose MAGA hats, even if they were out of place at the March for Life, bespoke a desire for reindustrialisation at home and for peace abroad. A desire that Donald Trump is not necessarily fulfilling, but the other side would have been even worse.

They were clear that there was one human race, of African origin, and that Trump's homosexuality, even if it were a fact, would be of no consequence to anyone, or at any rate not to them. Not so, on the first point, Nathan Phillips. And not so, on the second point, the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Claims that as good Catholic boys, they would not turn up to a rally in support of the Church's pro-worker or anti-war positions are pure conjecture. Who says that they would not do so? Who knows that they have not done so?

Attendance at a march against abortion and euthanasia is at least implicitly a stand against economic oppression and its wars. These things are connected. It is called catholicity.

A second defeat at the hands of Donald Trump would be enough to shake, if not the hopeless generation of Schumer, Pelosi and the Clintons, then at least the Democrats younger than that.

Whether it were the Democratic Party or whatever needed to come after it, do they want a political formation that fought for reindustrialisation at home and for peace abroad? A formation that was clear that there was one human race, as science and Scripture both attested? A formation that was at least implicitly against abortion and euthanasia, legal or otherwise, by being against economic oppression and its wars? 

If not, or even if so, then it might simply be out of their hands. In the minds, the hearts and the lives of the very young, that formation is already taking shape.

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