Saturday, 9 February 2019

Trusted Sources?

Amnesty International has never condemned the American sanctions against Venezuela, the ultimate aim of which has always been the war for "regime change" for which a "coalition of the willing" is now being cobbled together.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch is notorious as nothing more than a revolving door inside the Beltway. No, that is not a mixed metaphor. The Beltway literally exists. 

And numerous people have served in the higher echelons of the federal government both before and after working for Human Rights Watch. 

Human Right Watch's Director, Kenneth Roth, lavished praise on John McCain when he died, so his own future employment prospects are clearly secure.

The Liberal Establishment is not the Left, any more than neoconservatism is conservative. The difference is that the Liberal Establishment is no longer able to present itself as if it were the Left.

For that, and notwithstanding all his faults, the highest praise must go to Jeremy Corbyn.

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