Wednesday, 6 February 2019

This Instant

If there had been Instagram in 2003, then the "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" would have been on it, just like the rubbish today that is supposedly from Venezuela.

Juan Guaidó seems to have been designed purely in order to be swooned over by teenage girls. That sort has no place in politics. Due to the other opportunities available to them, they cannot have had the necessary formative experiences.

Oh, well, the speed with which everything moves in the social media age is such that the moment might already have passed. It probably hasn't. But it might have done.


  1. 170 countries recognise Maduro. 23 countries recognise Guaidó. The 170 include the giants of Russia, India and China. 90 per cent of the world's population stands with Maduro.

  2. The situation is the result of the sanctions, it has no other cause. The 70 per cent private Venezuelan economy has been driven to this crisis of capitalism, although talk of eating pets and so so forth is completely fabricated, by the government policy of the United States in its desire to steal Venezuela's oil. No wonder free marketeers such as Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute stand with Maduro. No wonder conservatives such as Pat Buchanan do so.

    1. And that great magazine, The American Conservative, of course.