Friday, 1 February 2019

Regime, Change

On Question Time, the ridiculous Fiona Bruce, previously a newsreader from an autocue and a presenter of upper-middle-class light entertainment programmes, was incredulous at Richard Burgon's purely factual statement that Venezuela had the largest oilfields in the world. How have we come to this? How?

And no, Alan Johnson on This Week, Juan Guaidó is not a "democratic socialist", except perhaps in the sense that Tony Blair used to use that term to mean neither the adjective nor the noun. That his party is affiliated to the inexplicably still existent Socialist International proves nothing at all, or at least not in a good way.

Oh, well, at least Britain has nothing much that Donald Trump might want for his dynasty, so that even a Corbyn Government would not cause him to effect "regime change" here. It is therefore in all of our interests that he is going to beat the Democratic Party again in 2020.

Any President who might realistically have been produced by that party would respond to such a Government by declaring Yvette Cooper or some such person to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, cheered on by the kind of company that Trump is now keeping over Venezuela: Macron and Trudeau, the EU and The Guardian, Fiona Bruce and Alan Johnson.

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