Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I probably wouldn't have participated in some stunt by the SNP.

But I still tip my hat to the six Labour MPs who have just voted for the non-binding motion against Trident.

They are Ronnie Campbell, Roger Godsiff of the Lanchester Forum, Kelvin Hopkins, Geoffrey Robinson (a bit of a surprise), Dennis Skinner and Graham Stringer.

Sound Eurosceptics, too, every one of them.


  1. A lot of deterrent effect all those Russian nukes had on the Turks. Even supporters of intervention in Syria should consider we'd already be doing it if we hadn't splurged all our defence budget on toys instead of troops and planes.

  2. "A lot of deterrent effect all those Russian nukes had on the Turks"

    Its had a perfect deterrent effect-have you noticed anyone invading Russia since it acquired nukes?

    They invaded Russia frequently before it acquired them.

    Never since, though.

  3. It was called the Cold War for a reason. Neither nuclear superpower ever dared invade the other.

    Israel has never been invaded since it acquired the Bomb either.

    I challenge any opponent of nuclear weapons to name a single nuclear armed country that has been invaded.

    Yet, if asked to name a country that got rid of it's nuclear weapons and then got invaded, we can all think of one.

    A certain Ukraine springs to mind...

    1. A far more complicated situation. Ukraine was never a nuclear weapons state. They just happened to be there.

      Iraq was invaded precisely because it had nuclear weapons. It didn't really have them, but that was, and is, beside the point.

      No one would want to invade Britain, anyway. Who? Why?

  4. As Patrick Cockburn used to say, if Saddam Hussein had really had nukes, he wouldn't have tried to hide them, he'd have showed them off.

    They'd have guaranteed him against invasion.