Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Lanchester Review: Labour Holds the Future of Surveillance in its Hands

Loz Kaye makes a powerful, and a vitally important, case.


  1. Well, then we're all screwed. A party that believes in a Government strong enough to take most of what people earn or inherit and nationalise our schools and even our families through Soviet-style Universal Childcare is hardly likely to be against government intrusion into our communications.

    It would be the first time Labour had ever declared itself in favour of small government.

    1. The Labour Left are the most consistent of all opponents of these things. Tom Watson and some others on the traditional Labour Right also have fine records. The unions are already against this because they know who the true targets are. The two MPs who have done most to oppose all previous measures like this are now the Labour Leader and the Shadow Chancellor.

    2. And Diane Abbott of course.