Monday, 16 November 2015

Naught For Your Comfort

Who would be "comfortable" with a shoot-to-kill policy on the streets of Britain?

Do not vote for anyone who would find that a source of comfort.


  1. It's the logical outcome of the policy of mass immigration supported by David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn.

    They just don't know it yet. That makes them thick as well as dangerous.

    Ed West's The Diversity Illusion explains how the policy backed by the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and carried out by the EU will destroy our civil liberties.

    We cannot live freely governed by consent under British laws if we do not share the British values and morals that underpin those British laws.

    Instead, we have enclaves of Islam that must be policed by the gun.

    1. Your attachment to the irreconcilably Blairite Outer Right of the Labour Party is now complete.

    2. Mass immigration, where's that? Most immigration is from Eastern Europe (not Muslims) and it's not "mass". If a village of a few hundred people gets one more small family it hasn't been swamped. Those are the figures we are talking about.

    3. You are wasting your time. They won't be told. The see one non-white face, they hear one even vaguely foreign accent, they see one name that might be Islamic (even if it isn't), and they go completely out of their minds.