Monday, 23 November 2015

Conversions on the Road to Damascus

I told you that they would be along soon, and here they are.

Like the Communist Party in 1941, which became gung-ho for the War the moment that the Soviet Union was invaded.

The people who used to scream abuse at Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-British sympathiser with terrorism, and at those of us who made occasional appearances on RT, are now hailing the gallant allies in Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Beirut.

In terms that we would never use of any of those regimes.


  1. Mr Corbyn is an anti-British sympathiser with terrorism and so is his Shadow Chancellor. Otherwise, why did John McDonnell apologise "from the bottom of my heart" on BBC Question Time once his stated views on the IRA had been exposed and re-published?

    Not that anybody believes a word of his "apology."

    I'm afraid vast sections of the Left sympathise with any group-no matter how barbaric-as long as they're against the evil, imperialist British.

    1. The Queen must be even more so, then. I am not aware that they have ever stayed at John McDonnell's house.