Friday, 7 March 2014

Tony's Monies

Of course, one would rather not take his filthy lucre from the dictatorial cesspits of Central Asia.
An alternative might be, oh, just as a suggestion, funding by the largest voluntary organisations of taxpayers in the United Kingdom, namely the British trade unions.

But if Tony Blair is daft enough to give money to a party which now despises everything for which he stands, and him personally, then that is his own stupid fault.

Still, if he has that kind of cash lying around, then he does not need the rest of us to cough up for his security. Does he?


  1. I don't blame Labour for this any more than I blame the Tories for their dodgy hedge-fund donors, or any more than I blame Blair for cash-for-peerages or the 1970's party for selling the economy to Arthur Scargill.

    The fact is neither Labour or the Tories can get any money from normal people.

    So they have to whore themselves out.

    Can you imagine any normal person handing over his savings-or inheritance-to Ed Miliband or Cameron?

    In the same sense that, as Ed West wrote this week "would anyone lay down their lives for the European Union?".

    Or, at least, any normal person.

  2. Every political levy-payer is a normal person, and the levy is strictly optional. No one is paying it without having specifically chosen to do so, or else they cannot read a basic form.

    Your claim is like the "Labour is just as posh as the Tories" standby of desperate post Tories. It is totally false, and all normal people know that it is.

  3. Yes, they are normal people-and less than 10% of them would willingly opt in to paying Labour-as Len Mcluskey rightly says.

    The levy is not optional-as everyone knows.

    Nobody is asked if they wish to pay into it-they have to ask not to pay into it.

    Imagine if our kidneys were automatically seized by the state unless each individual, on a case-by-case basis, made a public fuss and explicitly asked it not to do so.

    We don't like the NHS seizing dead relatives organs unless we "opt out"-parties shouldn't be able to do that with people's money.

    Thatcher had a chance to make the levy optional-when she'd won a massive majority in 1983.

    She deliberately chose to save Labour, because the Tories needed it there, as Peter Hitchens rightly says.

    Thatcher saved Labour deliberately.

  4. What a load of rubbish.

    You have obviously never set eyes on one of these forms. Well, you have never had a job, have you?