Friday, 7 March 2014

Left The Building?

This is the manifesto of the Bus Pass Elvis Party candidate.

In a Nottingham municipal by-election, that candidate has taken more votes than the Liberal Democrat.

That is, more votes than the candidate of the party led by the Deputy Prime Minister.

This manifesto is not all mad, rather than just wrong, and it is not all even that.

But in any case, what if it were?

The Leader of the Bus Pass Elvis Party has earned the right to a televised debate with Nick Clegg.


  1. Very funny manifesto.

    Particularly the line about "Dodge City" if UKIP legalises guns.

    The funny thing is that we were nothing like Grand Theft Auto back when we had fully-legal widespread gun ownership.

    Nor did we have any armed police officers.

    We were more free, yet had far lower gun crime than we do today.

    But in those days, of course, we had the death penalty.

  2. Utter rubbish.

    Anyway, that is probably not UKIP policy now. Nothing ever is for very long.

  3. Very good... hope you do better than Ukip... probably better than LibDems.

  4. Their candidate says that he is standing for Parliament, in order to beat the Lib Dem. Good luck to him, say I.