Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Side Lines

Supporters of global capitalism and of American hegemony (including "the Anglosphere") who imagine that they are somehow opponents of European federalism, and supporters of European federalism who imagine that they are somehow opponents of global capitalism and of American hegemony, are struck dumb by the situation in Ukraine.

Not so, those of us who have the first clue what is going on in the world, and who therefore understand and celebrate the proper role of Russia against all of those evils. One such understanding person is here. We know which side we are on. And we have always known it.


  1. For at least the last 200 years the Ukraine has been two countries under one name. And it's going to be that way forevermore.

    Russia might as well just re-annex the East and see what happens.

  2. But NATO and the EU didn't want Georgia, as became abundantly clear, to anyone who didn't already know it, when Russia moved in to protect the Russian bits from impending genocide.

    Whereas NATO and the EU do want Ukraine. A greater degree of subtlety is therefore necessary on Russia's part. Unless something similar to the Georgian assault on South Ossetia loomed. Then we really would see.